Structure Inspection


When having a Seven Stars Home Advisors Home Inspection, the inspector will walk around the outside of the building to get familiar with the houses structure. Part of this is finding out how your potential home is interacting with the ground and everything around it, for example trees or vegetation. One of the big things we look for is the yard slope away from the house. Does it slope towards the house giving water and ice the chance to build up around the foundation causing damage to the “base” of your house. Your home inspector will look at the adjoining decks, sidewalks, stairs, not only to see if they have been installed correctly but also to make sure they haven’t been installed in a manner that might harm your homes structure going forward.

Your Seven Stars Home Advisors Home Inspector will most likely start in the basement or crawl space. Most basements and crawlspaces are prone to moisture issues and water penetration. Not only can water get in from outside, but all of your houses plumbing is generally located above these areas. Water can be present and not be catastrophic, however, presence of water can also cause mold or mildew to grow on other parts of vital systems within your home.  Your inspector, will assess if these areas are in satisfactory condition and if they have been built and maintained in a manner that is in line with industry standards.

For the Roof, your Seven Stars Home Advisors Home Inspector will determine what kind of material the roofing system is comprised of, whether it is properly installed, and flashed to prevent moisture from entering the interior of the house. When possible, your inspector will climb on the roof and do a comprehensive inspection to make sure the structure is protected. Obviously there are cases particularly here in Colorado where there is snow or ice present or the roof has an unsafe pitch, in these cases the home inspector does everything possible to effectively determine the state of the roof.

Lastly, for structural inspections your Seven Stars Home Advisors Home Inspector will describe what the exterior wall coverings are comprised of and if that wall covering is functioning in a manner that would protect your house. We also examine the doors and windows and ensure that they open and close properly and if they were, in our opinion, installed correctly base upon industry standards. Inspectors look at the structure in its entirety to make sure that it has not suffered any structural damage or damage caused by weather.

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